Ferrari luidspreker

Redactie | 17 mei 2006

(gezien op het Internet)

De redactie van ontdekte op het Internet een wel erg bijzondere luidspreker, de Art.Engine Inspired by Ferrari. Met zijn gelimiteerde oplage van 1000 stuks is exclusiviteit gegarandeerd. Voor 20.000 dollar kunt u behoren tot één van de gelukkigen. Bestellen via de Art.Engine website, dus luisteren behoort niet tot de mogelijkheden.

A Tribute to the Marque
Today’s tech lifestyle has created a new mode of music listening and demands a totally new approach to audio. DWV, with input from Ferrari, has accepted this challenge and the result is Art.Engine.

You can see and hear the passion inspired by Ferrari in Art.Engine’s every detail – from the racing-style NACA cooling ducts, sumptuous carbon fiber baffles and Ferrari inspired paint finish to the exceptional sonic performance. An audio and engineering tour de force, the Art.Engine is a complete audio system that combines two stunning speaker arrays, wireless signal input and digital electronics, all in a single tower.

Powerful, yet streamlined at 47 inches tall, 16 inches wide and only 6 inches deep, the Art.Engine creates a room-filling sound field of high-definition stereo entertainment. Needless to say, performance is outstanding. “Vibrant,” “clear” and “three-dimensional” are some of the words listeners use to describe the Art.Engine.

Wireless - The Future Of Listening 
Art.Engine’s wireless signal input system takes advanced audio performance to a new level of ease. Simply plug the Art.Engine into an electrical outlet and the digital receiver technology built into the Art.Engine will instantly take music files and web radio beamed from any PC or Mac computer and turn it into an exceptional listening experience. Art.Engine also provides a hardwire input connection for a CD player, satellite radio, iPod or other portable music device, so you can listen to anything you or your guests want to plug in.

Audio As Art.  As one of the most exclusive products ever inspired by Ferrari, Art.Engine is an objet d’art that introduces a new standard in music reproduction and visual presentation. More a fine instrument than a piece of electronic equipment, the Art.Engine combines performance, beauty and simplicity, making it the focal point of any space it inhabits.

Limited Edition
Out of respect for Ferrari tradition, production of the Art.Engine has been limited to 1000 pieces. Much like the famous limited runs of classic GT cars, Art.Engine’s exclusivity creates increased excitement for auto aficionados, collectors and audio connoisseurs alike.

Exclusivity Is Guaranteed 
Following the experience gained from the production of limited edition GT cars, the Art.Engine limited edition is carefully monitored with audits at every stage of production. In order to maximize the value of the Art.Engine owner’s investment, photographs and data from each Art.Engine are documented in detail and registered for future reference and authentication. To further guarantee authenticity, official Ferrari holographic markers on each Art.Engine are individually numbered and are recorded as part of the audit procedure.

Certificate Of Authenticity.  Every Art.Engine is given a multi-stage inspection and is performance tested prior to authentication and registration. Once the Art.Engine has passed all performance, assembly and visual detail inspections, a unique Certificate of Authenticity is produced, signed and presented to the new Art.Engine owner.

Inspired by Ferrari
Inspired by Ferrari. Extraordinary performance, combined with uncompromised materials and craftsmanship. Emotional yet timeless styling combined with an enviable sense of exclusivity.

Giulio Zambeletti, Director of Brand Development Ferrari SpA, emphasizes Ferrari’s commitment to excellence. “Any high end product licensed by Ferrari must have an uncompromising approach to quality, breakthrough technology, and ultimate performance.  The Art.Engine encompasses them all.”

Ferrari’s advances in material science and fabrication are just two examples of how Ferrari’s technological excellence has inspired the extraordinary Art.Engine. With innovative technology, fine detailing and Ferrari inspired paint finishes, there is no question that the Art.Engine embodies both the passion and the technology one expects in a product bearing the Ferrari name. .

Clearly, DWV and Ferrari have dared to imagine what an executive audio system could be.

Art.Engine. The Passion Of Ferrari. Extraordinary In Every Sense.