Onkyo introduceert drie nieuwe netwerk recievers

Redactie | 10 juli 2010 | Onkyo

Onkyo introduceert drie nieuwe THX gecertificeerde en 3D geschikte netwerkreceivers in de populaire middenklasse. Allen zijn compatibel met het populaire FLAC lossless audio formaat.

De nieuwe receivers krijgen de type-aanduidingen TX-NR1008, TX-NR808 en TX-NR708. Alledrie de receivers zijn in het bezit van een THX Select2 Plus certifikaat en hebben geintegreerde netwerkcapaciteiten. Bovendien beschikken alle drie de receivers over zeven HDMI 1.4a aansluitingen. Videofielen zullen ook verheugd reageren op de aanwezigheid van een Faroudje DCDi Cinema chip.

Hieronder vind je het volledige, engelstalige, persbericht.

1st July 2010: Onkyo, the UK`s No1 home cinema receiver maker, announces the release of three new mid- and upper mid-range network-enabled models for 2010: the TX-NR1008, TX-NR808, and TX-NR708. Each is THX® Select2 Plus™ certified and offers the latest processing and user-friendly features to support network audio streaming (with playback of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) music, iPhone®/iPod®-compatible USB input, multi-room set-ups and fully immersive 3D-capable home cinema with multi-dimensional surround sound to match.

Each of these models comes with seven of the latest HDMI® 1.4a connections, guaranteeing compatibility with the new 3D video formats that are promising to bring an exciting new dimension to movies and games in the home.

HDMI is also the conduit for full 1080p video upscaling of all video inputs, regardless of native resolution, via Faroudja`s acclaimed DCDi Cinema™ technology, included on all three of the new Onkyo receiver models. DCDi Cinema works to remove `jaggies` during the video signal deinterlacing process, resulting in smooth progressive scan video images.

Each of these network receivers includes a rear-panel Ethernet port that links it directly to the internet or to a home PC. Users can then enjoy superior fidelity from a wide range of audio file types including, for the first time, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, the open-source codec of choice for discerning audiophiles. Other supported formats include MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and LPCM. They can also access a range of different streaming Internet radio services provided by LastFM, vTuner, and Napster* (*availability of services depends on region.).

The Ethernet connection brings the added convenience of easy firmware upgrades, which enhance the unit’s functionality going forward. Each receiver is also Windows® 7 compatible and DLNA 1.5 certified to ensure optimal compatibility with other network-enabled equipment throughout the home.

Audio processing on all three models includes the studio master-quality of the industry’s two leading lossless High Definition codecs, Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™. Complementing these are the expanded surround dimensions of Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz and Audyssey DSX™. The former provides the option of adding extra height channels for improved ambience, while the latter adds either height or width channels. With the 7.2-channel TX-NR808 and TX-NR708, these extra channels replace the surround rear channels. With the 9.2-channel TX-NR1008, meanwhile, users have a host of different speaker configurations to choose from.

Along with the two extra amplifier channels and one extra HDMI output, the TX-NR1008 offers further advantages over its two siblings. It is equipped with advanced ISF video calibration for independent optimization and individual fine-tuned adjustment of every video source. And it sports an extra 192 kHz/24-bit Burr Brown DAC to handle the heavy demands of multi-channel audio processing.

Each of the three Onkyo models includes a full suite of Audyssey equalization and room-correction technologies to ensure optimal audio performance in any environment and at any volume level. Chief among these is Audyssey MultEQ®, which corrects for time and frequency-response problems caused by room acoustics, and which calibrates speakers for optimal audio balance throughout the listening space.

Other noteworthy features shared by all three receivers include:-

  1. An iPhone/iPod-compatible front-side USB port that allows direct digital playback as well as on-screen display of album art. All three receivers carry the latest `Made For iPod and iPhone` certification.
  2. An analog RGB input (D-sub 15) for displaying video content from a connected PC.
  3. PLL jitter-cleaning circuit technology, for cleaner sounding audio.
  4. Onkyo’s new overlaid graphical OSD (onscreen display) for fuss-free adjustment of settings during a viewing session.

The TX-NR1008 and TX-NR808 include Onkyo`s bi-directional and customizable preprogrammed remote control to simplify the process of programming all the components in the system.

With these latest releases, Onkyo looks to consolidate its position as a provider of the most up-to-date home entertainment features backed by rock-solid performance and intelligent design.