Escient lanceert vijfde generatie muziek-servers

Redactie AV & Domotica | 07 september 2007 | Escient
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Escient® Unveils Whole-Home Media Management Future with Vision™

Escient, the pioneer in digital media management, is launching its new 5th-generation Vision™ Series of digital media servers for the custom installation market, offering exciting new solutions for managing and accessing both audio and video digital media.

Through a variety of advanced easy-to-use features, Escient Vision™ can provide standalone AV playback or create an integrated system to make it possible to watch films, listen to music or watch slides in different rooms throughout the home.

The company is launching the new Vision™ range at CEDIA 2007 in Denver CO, comprising the Vision™ VS-100 and VS-200 integrated server/players, the VC-1 networked audio/video zone player, and the large-capacity VX-600 media server. The new Vision™ series products reflect the culmination of more than 10 years experience in the design and manufacture of advanced solutions for managing and accessing digital media in the home. An array of special features and capabilities are geared specifically toward the custom installation marketplace, including HDMI 1.3 high definition AV interface (VS-100/200 and VC-1), Gigabit Ethernet control, RAID 1 data mirroring, hot swappable drives (VX-600), and the all new Escient high definition user interface.

The Vision™ VS all in one server/player comes in two variants, the VS-100 featuring dual 500GB hard drives, and the VS-200 dual 1TB storage; both with reliable RAID 1 redundancy. The players operate as stand-alone units or within a Escient Vision™ home network; the VS units stream video and audio to VC-1 network clients.

Both players are specified with the latest HDMI v1.3 interconnect (4 in and 1 out) for transfer of uncompressed high definition video and multi-channel audio formats, and ensuring the highest possible quality transmission of HD video signals to full HD specified projectors and displays. Video upscaling circuitry converts SD video signals to 1080p. Component, composite and S-video outs are included, as are optical and coaxial digital audio and analogue audio outs. The units feature playback and ripping of CD and DVD (unencrypted) media.

The VC-1 is a network AV zone player that streams video and audio from VS and VX servers, extending playback of video and music throughout the home. The VC-1 features HDMI 1.3 high definition digital out, a full complement of video and audio outputs, Gigabit Ethernet and USB interconnect ports. The units feature playback and ripping of CD and DVD (unencrypted) media and the unit upscales SD video to 1080p.

Completing the system component line up is the VX-600 media server. Incorporating four 1TB hot-swappable drives in RAID 5 configuration, the VX-600 provides for unlimited storage expansion for Vision™ VS and VC devices. The VX-600 also provides advanced early detection monitoring systems for reliable installations in any networked home. Connection is via Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports.

Continuing Escient’s unmatched excellence in integrating digital media management within state of the art audio-video systems, the Vision™ series supports the proven external control capabilities of the Escient Fireball Media Management product line.

Commenting on the launch of the new Vision™ series Bill Carson, General Manager of Escient, noted: “Escient’s vision for the future is one in which people have an easy way to access and enjoy their entertainment and information media throughout the home via a single intuitive interface, and our new Vision series products literally make this promise a reality. Most importantly, each new product in the series is designed to give custom installation professionals all the tools they need to serve their clients with whole-home networking solutions.”