BMB: nieuwe in-ceiling speakerlijn TruAudio

Redactie AV & Domotica | 06 mei 2008

(Ingezonden mededeling)

BMB Electronics B.V. uit Veen intruduceert in juni 2008 een nieuwe 6.5" lijn in-ceiling luidsprekers in de REVOLVE serie van TruAudio.

Hieronder leest u het volledige (Engelstalige) persbericht.

In-Ceiling LCR and Surround speakers are one of the best selling categories of `custom fit` speakers in Europe,
and are also one of the most successful categories in the extensive TruAudio line. In order to build on this successful business category TruAudio is now releasing a full assortment of 6.5 inch models to compliment the current 8 inch models already available.


As Space can often be at a premium in a European home. In-ceiling speakers can be a great solution for an `invisble` yet great sounding system. When the customer has no room for `bookshelf` or floor standing models, or simply does not want to see a room full of speakers, the TruAudio In-ceiling line delivers the exceptional sound quality expected in a good home theater system, and are also very easy to install. 
The REV6-LCR Model line up offers a solution to fit any budget, any room or any system requirement.  They can perform as the front left, center, or right speaker, and as with all of the LCR models, they can be rotated to point toward the listening area. The midrange and/or tweeter (depending on the model) rest on a rotating, proprietary bridge to give more control over the direction of the sound. This technology represents many years of research and development in designing an InCeiling LCR speaker whose sonic image fires directly toward the audience.
REV6-LCR.1 boasts a 6.5" carbon fiber woofer, 2" dual carbon fiber midranges and a 3/4" titanium swivel tweeter. Power handling is 150 watts, sensitivity is 92 dB, 37-22 kHz Freq. Response, and it features the magnetic EZ Frame.
REV6-LCR.2 also uses a 6.5" carbon fiber woofer and a 3/4" titanium swivel tweeter (no midranges). Power handling is 125 watts, sensitivity is 91 dB, 39-20 kHz Freq. Response, and it features the magnetic EZ Frame.
REV6-LCR.3 is a budget conscious model that incorporates a 6.5" polypropylene woofer, and 3/4" silk dome swivel tweeter. Power handling is 100 watts, sensitivity is 90 dB, 40-20 kHz Freq. Response, and uses a standard grill.

REV6- SUR.1 is an InCeiling Bi-Pole surround speaker. Typically, effects/surround speakers are available only On-Wall, In-Wall or In-Room. It uses a 6.5" woven carbon woofer and an innovative tweeter bridge uses dual pivoting 3/4" titanium tweeters that allow the user even more flexibility in placement. Power handling is 150 watts; sensitivity is 90 dB, 39-20 kHz Freq. Response, and uses the magnetic EZ Frame.
All models have a nominal 8 ohms impedance
Availability: June 2008. The speakers will be shown for the first time in Europe at the CEDIA UK Expo
and will be available from BMB Electronics BV after this show.