Speakercraft iPhone® Interface

Redactie AV & Domotica | 17 juni 2008
(Ingezonden mededeling)

The MODE/iPhone Interface is a combination of hardware and software that allows you to use an iPhone® or iPod touch® as an interactive remote for the SpeakerCraft MZC system.

With the touch of a virtual button you can select sources, control components, view metadata from up to six iPods and access all of your music from anywhere in your house. The system allows for the use of an unlimited number of iPhones with any two being actively used at any one time.

The system’s range is only limited by the range of the existing Wi-Fi network in the home. Since the system is self-contained there is no need to waste time downloading or installing software on the iPhone itself. Simply create a virtual button on the iPhone’s home screen that will accesses the Safari browser and automatically brings up the MODE Graphic User Interface. The screen itself features large colorful buttons, which are very simple to operate. Control of the system is activated by simply entering the range of your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can literally walk through the door and pull out your iPhone and begin to access your music library.

The system also provides a PC interface so the MZC can be accessed and controlled from any Mac or PC on your network as well. This is a revolutionary product for any one wanting to use their personal computer to control their whole house music system. We live in exciting times and nothing is more exciting than our new iPhone/iPod Touch Interface for the MZC/MODE system.

We have proven that you can take the coolest consumer electronics product and mate it with custom installation products by SpeakerCraft and deliver the easiest to use multi-room system ever. This product allows to go back to systems that have already been sold and incorporate the iPhone interface. It will enable to install MODEs around the house and also use the iPhone as an added feature.

Suggested retail price is $1000 and the first deliveries are to be expected in June 2008.

Please also have a look to the following YouTube links with more information about our iPhone Interface:
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