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Redactie AV & Domotica | 06 april 2009
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BMW has included 60 Panphonics Sound Shower® directional audio speakers in its recently renovated Munich museum, which features more than 25 exhibition areas and 125 exhibits.

German automotive icon, BMW, has completed the renovation of its Munich museum and visitors can now tour the company’s 90-year history throughout the massive 5000 m2 of exhibition space.

The refit focuses on highlighting the importance of the BMW Museum as a brand museum and on the fascination exerted by the BMW brand and its products. The concept of the museum is based on an idea by architect Karl Schwanzer who created the original BMW Museum in 1973. Schwanzer defined the internal structure of the circular building as a continuation of the road in an enclosed space. Innovative Communication Technologies (ict) AG was responsible for both the hardware and software implementation of many exhibits. Extensive programming and networking were the main focus.

The museum is divided into several areas: the new houses in the low building with the permanent exhibition, the Visions area, and one exhibit each from the BMW Art Car Collection. The core of the upgraded museum is The Bowl, which held the only exhibition area from 1973 to 2004. The Bowl is located immediately adjacent to the BMW Tower and hosts a large 360-degree projection that contains images from 18 projectors highlighting the temporary exhibitions. BMW concept cars are the first temporary exhibition in this area.

The Central Space forms the heart of the second building where visitors are exposed to a multistory showcase exhibit that can display content on the entire surface of the 13 meter high building. Up to 60 visitors can simultaneously access information about the company’s history on a 10m-long multitouch table.

The museum designers fully recognized the importance of including audio as a part of the exhibits and endeavored to find a way to include a variety of audio sources. As is typical in any museum setting, many of the exhibits at the BMW Museum are in close proximity to one another. It was important for the designers to avoid creating a cluttered audio environment and still provide an exciting, individual experience for every visitor, Sound Shower® was the solution.

Sound Shower® directional audio speakers from Panphonics enable targeted audio content to be delivered to specific areas throughout the museum. Visitors can hear crisp, clear audio when standing within the target area, but the sound quickly disappears when they step away. The museum can therefore have a myriad of distinct audio applications close together without disturbing one another. Sound Shower® directional speakers have helped BMW to create a truly one-of-a-kind museum that no automotive enthusiast should miss!

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