CEntrance HiFi-Skyn voor iPone 6 / 6s

358 x bekeken | geplaatst op 5 juni 2016

€ 299,-


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Categorie Hoofdtelefoon versterker
Conditie Nieuw
Bouwjaar 2016
Geplaatst op 05-06-2016


In goed Nederlands: Nieuw in ongeopende orginiele verpakking, vandaag uit Amerika aangekomen.

HiFi-Skyn is an iPhone accessory with a simple mission:

1) Awesomify your music with legendary CEntrance audio quality
2) Cradle your iPhone in a stylish, protective case
3) Extend the phone`s battery via built-in power

HiFi-Skyn converts your phone into an awesome personal music player. It feaures super-clean audio output, lowest distortion, and an extra long-life battery. This innovative product not only extends the life of your phone, but also dramatically improves sound quality by using award-winning digital audio technology from CEntrance.

Made from tough polycarbonate plastic, the Skyn protects the phone while giving it extra charge and a significanty upgraded listening experience. Exclusive CEntrance technology guarantees bit-perfect audio reproduction up to 192kHz and DSD.

Using a lightning jack connection, HiFi-Skyn takes high-definition digital audio straight from the iPhone, bypassing the phone`s internal audio circuitry. It then uses a built-in, audiophile-grade D/A converer (DAC) coupled with a precisely-nuanced balanced headphone amplifier, to deliver unmatched sonic fidelity straight to your headphones.

With its unique combination of sound quality, portability, and function, HiFi-Skyn sets you apart to experience Audiophile sound anywhere you are. Reclaim your freedom from the confines of a home HiFi system -- experience your music anywhere you take your phone.