Mirror Image Aemulus

434 x bekeken | geplaatst op 12 juni 2016



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Categorie Voorversterker
Type Buizen voorversterker
Conditie Nieuw
Bouwjaar 2016
Geplaatst op 12-06-2016


Mirror Image Aemulus tube preamp.

Aemulus Tube Preamplifier
The overall and distinctly noticeable effect has been to make listening to music more enjoyable and another step closer to realistic. For music lovers that may be all that needs to be said. It is time for some serious listening to be done. I am not going to give you a litany of recordings to try to show off some specific aspects of this newest Mirror Image creation. That is not where the appeal of this music reproducer lies. It lies in making your experience with listening to a favorite recording more satisfying than ever before. The fact that it has a tad (a southern word meaning a little bit or definite hing) more bass fullness, richness and power in the mid to upper bass is only a part of overall experience and does tend to reveal its vacuum tube heritage.
Literally every type of listener will be able to become truly pleased and happy with this super universally employable preamplifier. Furthermore, anyone who takes the effort to truly listen to this device will be rewarded with a musical completeness that is unrivalled. Pick your own favourite power amplifier, source, and speakers, connect them to the Aemulus and chances are very high that you will quickly depart in your own time machine. Become one with your own music and be on your way to the location and time of when the recording was made.  Music Emotion, Augustus 2015 (translated from Dutch, see here for the full review)

Één van de beste Buizen voorversterkers die ik gehoord heb!
De Mirror Image "Aemulus" (uit de koker van Rick Paap van Dynamic Solutions)
Dit apparaat is fonkelnieuw en heeft de 10 speeluren.

Volgens Werner Ero in de Music Emotion:
"Nogmaals bestaat de beste luidspreker, versterker
of bron helemaal niet. Maar deze Aemulus
komt dichter bij dit ideaal in de buurt
dan het leeuwendeel van de andere op
de markt zijnde voorversterkers."

De Nieuwprijs van dit unieke product is €. 9.500,00 en slechts verkrijgbaar bij een paar geselecteerde
dealers in Nederland en Belgie.

Een goed bod is altijd welkom en inruil bespreekbaar !