(Prijs verlaagd!) Musical Fidelity 550k Monoblock Power Amplifier

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Merk Musical Fidelity
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Type Musical Fidelity 550k Monoblock Power Amplifier
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Bouwjaar 2007
Geplaatst op 24-07-2016


i am selling my pair of MF monoblock power amplifiers. I have manuals but no box anymore. They are in excellent condition except for a couple of cosmetic scratches on the top plates. I tried to pick them up with the camera but they don`t show up,

I have had them since 2007 and they have had very light use. I use them as monoblocks but they are also capable of being used with an integrated amplifier to provide much needed power. Such power is needed to reach the full dynamic heights as mentioned in the attached excellent review and article written in Sterophile:


Attached is the five star review in WhatHiFi


And another very positive review:


There are a lot more on the internet so feel free to do your own research.

The above reviews say it all. They look and sound incredible. What I will say is the following: if like me you listen to music at low level volumes (due to family and neighbours!), then the power and authority these monoblocks show, will transform a relatively low powered integrated or lower powered set of monoblocks. I don`t listen to stereo loud but what I do want is the music at a low volume level to have the same intensity and velocity as if I were to crank up the volume. This does it.

The reason for me selling this is because i am going for an upgrade to my speakers meaning that to get the right synergy I am upgrading my monoblocks.

Sorry for the advert in Engels. I`m a British guy living in Amsterdam.

These things are extremely heavy so pick up only.