(Prijs verlaagd!) Musical Fidelity NuVista Speaker Cable 2x5m (one sided terminated only)

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€ 225,-


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Type Musical Fidelity NuVista Speaker Cable 2x5m
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Bouwjaar 2007
Geplaatst op 24-07-2016


A few years ago, Musical Fidelity produced some high quality speaker cable designed to work with their best components. The result was the Nu-Vista OCC High Definition speaker cable.

The Nu-Vista cable is thick but flexible and light.

The leads are long enough that you won`t have to strain to reach binding posts that are far apart.

This is a used pair at five meters (just over 16 feet) with an original price of eur 1250.00, that I am selling for only EUR 225.00. These are a reference standard cable. As you can see from the photos, this is some serious wire.

These are used and one side of each cable is not terminated. One side has the original Nu Vista spades but the other side is bare wire (serval thick copper strands) which you simply need to terminate with the banana plug of your choice, preferably a gold plated one / one that locks into your speaker.