Marantz DV9600 SACD-DVD player

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Merk Marantz
Categorie CD/DVD/Blu-ray spelers
Type DV9600
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2014
Geplaatst op 18-08-2016



The Marantz DV9600 sets the new reference in top quality audio and video playback. It represents cutting edge engineering, enabling you to experience the true emotion of movies and music. The top grade 216MHz/14-bit video DAC together with NSV provides inspiring video performances. The HDMI 1.1 port offers fully digital transmission of the video signal in high definition resolutions scaled up tounbelievable 1080p.Audio excellence is assured by the renown Marantz engineering skills with endless dedication to deliverthe emotional value of the source as its creator intended. Compatibility with virtually all of today?s digital video and audio disc formats makes the DV9600 a true universal disc player. It allows you to enjoy the best of two worlds: music and movies, in stereo and multi-channel surround sound. Enjoy the perfect choice in your home entertainment environment.

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