Focal-JMlab EASYA 2.0 wireless system (white)

185 x bekeken | geplaatst op 18 augustus 2016

€ 999,-


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Bouwjaar 2016
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new showroom model w/ warranty
normal price 1700€

Easya is a powered and wireless sound system. It combines all the qualities of a classic high fidelity speaker with the new ways of enjoying music. Easya features amplifier with a wireless receiver that can be linked with the Hub (Kleer technology).
With Easya, Focal has created a simple-to-use system without the limitations of a separate system.

What really sets Easya apart from other loudspeakers is how easy it is to install and use. No settings are required to set it up. What’s more, the pairing of the loudspeakers and the Hub has already been taken care of at Focal’s factory.
It’s easy: just plug the loudspeakers and the hub into the mains and you’re off!

Easya is equipped with two 5” (13cm) Polyglass speakers, for rich midrang, double bass level and high power handling. An Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome TNV2 tweeter with Poron suspension offers softer treble sound.
Ultra rigid MDF board construction with excellent inertia and neutrality features a powerful 85W RMS amplifier.

Compact amplified powered floor standing loudspeaker (one amplifier per loudspeaker)
•Uncompressed, lossless, digital wireless reception (Kleer)
•All the quality of conventional hi-fi speakers