A30.3 Gereserveerd

171 x bekeken | geplaatst op 10 september 2016

€ 545,-


Merk Primare
Categorie Eindversterker
Type Primare A30.3 MK11
Serienummer 7401-57
Conditie Als nieuw
Geplaatst op 10-09-2016


3 channel power amplifier te koop.
Voor iets van 2000 euro nieuw gekocht en in een rook vrije omgeving gestaan.
Ziet er als nieuw uit.
Gebruikte deze voor center en achter speakers.
Verkoop reden is dat ik een A30.7 gekocht heb.

The A30.3, a three channel power amplifier, follows the no-compromise design approach first utilized in the 30.2. Within the A30.3`s beautifully formed 2mm heavy steel chassis, are three identical amplifiers dedicated to preserving the integrity of the music or movie sound that passes through them. Due to their identical build the 30 series range of power amplifiers can be matched with confidence to provide the widest range of amplification options. For stereo, five channels, seven or even twelve channel systems, this range of power amplifiers delivers huge reserves of power to drive any loudspeaker in any constellation.

The A30.3 power amplifier incorporates three discrete compact monochannels, each with a separate transformer, power supply and protection circuit for the ultimate in stability and channel separation. The input stage of each channel consists of a single FET transistor and the output of four Toshiba power transistors. The heat sinks are massive to keep the temperature at moderate level even at the most difficult working conditions. Each channel amplifier is capable of delivering 120 watts into an 8 ohms load (200 watts at 4 ohms load) and incorporates full speaker protection against faulty input signals. One individual DC-servo for each channel together with a protection circuit and temperature monitoring provide state-of-the-art protection.