Goldnote Phono amp met batterij voeding

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Geplaatst op 17-10-2016


Goldnote Phono amp PH7 met batterij voeding PSU9.

Volgende text komt van de Goldnote site:

The Gold Note PH-7 is a high performance convenient MM & MC phono preamplifier featuring Hybrid Power Supply with temperature automatic stabilizer.

The innovative design developed for the PH-7 allows matching easily any kind of MM and MC cartridge with a wide option of setup, easy access impedance setting, true balanced design and output connectors.

The PH-7 enables superior audio purity with any audio system and as all Micro line units it features an optional external super power supply, the PSU models.

The modern convenient compact luxury look helps introducing the unit into any audio system or building a full Micro Line system.

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz at +/-3dB
THD Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05% THD at 20Hz-20kHz
Gain: >65dB MC >48dB MM
Signal to Noise ratio: -88dB

Audio inputs
Analogue input: one stereo RCA
Input sensitivity: from 0.15mV MC up to 6mV MM
Input impedance: 470ohm MC variable 47Kohm MM fixed

Audio outputs
Audio out: stereo RCA and XLR balanced
Line output level: 2V RCA and 4V XLR, both fixed

External PSU: PSU-7 AC or PSU-9 Dual Battery, both Plug and Play power supply units

Gold Note philosophy is all about the importance of power supply:
featuring an ultra-low noise external power supply, PSU-9 is a Double Battery Power Supply Unit created to drive Micro Line series single components*

Even though our products are provided with a high quality internal power supply, the addition of the special external dedicated PSU-9 provides better dynamic stability, timing, clarity and details to deliver the best performance ever