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175 x bekeken | geplaatst op 6 juni 2017

€ 220,-


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Categorie Spikes en voetjes
Type P-Cone L
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2017
Geplaatst op 06-06-2017


Geweldig materiaal!! heb een paar setjes over vanwege samenvoegen 2 systemen.

These PEEK isolation cones are a flexible approach to equipment isolation. They may be configured as equipment supports, or highly effective loudspeaker feet.

The ultimate ‘in situ’ isolators. Don’t want to change your existing equipment stand, but want to put pizazz back into your music ? Then the P-Cone isolation cones are what you have been looking for.
Machined from solid PEEK, a patented engineering thermo-plastic, and available in two sizes, the P-Cone 2 & P-Cone L provide outstanding isolation of equipment from its environment.

The effect in all systems we have tried them in is that the perceived noise floor is reduced, allowing better decay into the recorded ambience, better 3D rendering of instruments in recorded space, better preservation of instrument and playing subtleties.

De P-Cone L is de grootste uitvoering en ze kosten per 3: 299 euro.