EAT tube dampers (per 3 min.)

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€ 15,-


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Type 12AX7 ed
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Geplaatst op 12-12-2017


Beschikbaar zijn 3 zwarte en 5 metaalkleurige dampers. Geschikt voor pre-amp buisjes (type 12AX7 ed).
15€/stuk. Minimum afname is 3 stuks.
The Cool Damper is a radical new device from E.A.T EuroAudioTeam. It is a result of many years of rigorous research and development. This high-fidelity, consumerfriendly product is easy to install, and fabulously simple in design. We found, from all tested materials, that the most suitable is a relatively soft aluminum extrusion coated with a special blended mix of Teflon and Carbon composite PTFE. The precise shapes of the EAT Cool Dampers are finished with long-lasting anodic oxidation colours. This makes these cooling rings an aesthetically attractive, as well as functional, accessory for your valued vacuum tube equipment.
Tube dampers in one form or another have been around for many years, but these from EAT take things to another level.

"I really didn`t think that much would happen other than a new visible and interesting tweak. How wrong I was."
"I could barely believe my ears when I easily replaced the Halos with the EATs. Everything you have stated about the audible improvements are validated and then some. I had no idea how much "noise" and distortion was present prior to the EAT dampers. While my system was very involving, with good soundstaging, base and timbre control, and dynamics, the EATs easily could be compared to a megabuck upgrade in power cords and interconnects. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for promoting a real significant audio advancement. I can`t imagine anyone with tube gear that would not benefit from such a modest investment for such a major improvement."