Solidsteel 5.2 Audio Rack Solid Steel

212 x bekeken | geplaatst op 25 december 2017

€ 250,-


Merk Solidsteel
Categorie AV Meubelen
Type Solidsteel 5.2
Conditie Lichte gebruikssporen
Geplaatst op 25-12-2017


Solidsteel 5.2 Audio Rack Solid Steel

( UTRECHT of HAARLEM ) Is een licht rack en makkelijk te vervoeren dus halen is niet moeilijk

Nette staat Solidsteel 5.2

Kleur grijs frame en planken.

• 2 planken MDF
• 4 poten, met spikes
• Aluminium cones tussen de planken van het frame
• Compleet met de 6 aluminium cones en 4 spikes

Foto 3 en 4 zijn van internet voor extra informatie

• Solidsteel`s 5.2 rack is a four-leg table, with a welded steel frame and MDF shelves. Both are coated in an anti-resonant finish. The 5.2 includes two MDF shelves in scratch resistant finish, each supported on duraluminum alloy cones. The 5.2 is the shortest rack in the 5-Series, making it ideal for use in height restricted applications, or use a pair side by side for four shelves of excellent isolation.
• Solidsteel 5-Series Racks offer the best price to performance value in the line. They share many of the features of the 6-Series, but at a more affordable price. These stands epitomize Solidsteels devotion to quality and outperform their more expensive rivals.
• Every shelf is isolated from the frame using slightly smaller Duraluminum cones. The 5-Series has special wells, just like the 6-Series for the cone points which can be filled with damping materials to further tune the rack. The 5-series all have 3/4" MDF shelves machined to accept the tops of the supplied Duraluminum cones, on the high-quality welded frame. The 5-Series racks are an attractive and functional design tailor-made for your most cherished components.

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