Astin Trew Concord powered USB cable

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Deze Astin Trew powered USB cable is in nieuwstaat.
The ultimate USB cable system for use with most DACs to bring you the highest quality audio sound.
The Astin Trew `Concord Powered USB System` cable option, brings you the true quality of streamed music through USB cable to your DAC.
This cable option gives you a high quality 1.4m USB data cable, combined with a separate power supply and 1.2m power supply cable, both joining at the USB plug that connects to your DAC.
Why is this better than a standard USB cable?
Almost all USB receiver chips in DACs (regardless of the price of the DAC) are powered by the 5V line through the USB cable from the sending device (PC/laptop/streamer etc.); and this results in degraded audio performance. It is well known that clean and stable power supplies are essential for a high-quality and true musical performance; and power leads in close physical contact with data leads, as in most USB cables can also degrade the signal, or add noise to the music signal.
The Concord powered USB cable removes the power cable right away from the data lines (they meet just at the USB input plug) and uses a patented power supply design, offering COMPLETE isolation from the mains supply - offering an ultra low noise regulated 5V to power the USB input chipset. The earth line and power are therefore separated from the data line.
This cable option uses a very high quality coaxial pair of true 90 cables (1.4mtr. long), with a PTFE dielectric between data and screen. Most USB cables are manufactured with twisted pairs of data and earth, and are not 90 . The send and receive USB chipsets are specified to require a 90 connection for optimum quality signal transmission. The Concord USB cable offers exactly that, for minimum data transmission distortion.

Power supply case size - 210mm L x 110mm W x 70mm H
USB data cable length 1.4m
USB power cable length 1.2m
UK mains cable supplied
Product weight: 0.780kg
Max power usage: 6 watts
USB voltage supplied: 5V DC rms

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