Sony SS-MF400H Black speaker system

300 x bekeken | geplaatst op 20 januari 2018

€ 100,-


Merk Sony
Categorie Luidspreker front
Type SSMF400H
Conditie Lichte gebruikssporen
Bouwjaar 2001
Geplaatst op 20-01-2018


2 paar front speakers. Niet zeker of ze gebruikt zijn. Ze zitten nog in de originele verpakking.

The Sony SSM-F400H are driven by three drivers. They have a 1" dome tweeter that hits crisp and clear highs. Tweeters are often over-looked on speakers, but the Sony SSM-F400H hits the highs nice with pretty nice quality tweeters. The magic from the Sony SSM-F400H speakers comes from the 3" midrange drivers. Unlike the previous Sony models with weak midranges, the Sony SSM-F400H provides a very powerful and clear midrange from the 3" drivers. They also have sinle 6.5" woofers to hit the lower midrange nad bass frequencies. The higher end Sony models have a nicer bass output, but that can easily be taken care of with a separate subwoofer. They have a maximum power rating of 150 Watts, so these can go pretty loud! The spectrum is well covered with the Sony SSM-F400H.