*SOLD* Synergistic Research XOT Crossover Filters

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€ 195,-


Merk Synergistic Research
Categorie Overige Tuning Accesoires
Type SR XOT crossover transducers
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Geplaatst op 17-03-2018


XOT Crossover Transducer, terminated with spade connections

XOTs are high frequency filters for speaker crossovers that terminate directly to the leads of your speakers. XOTs deliver a significant increase in resolution accompanied by a lowering of your systems noise floor for more holographic sound.

I used them with Avalon Eclipse Classic speakers, that brought them to a different level of resolution and 3D stage! Because the Avalons were biwired I have 2 sets available

Summary of using XOT connected to your speaker terminals:
・A significant increase in resolution
・A lowering of your systems noise floor
・More holographic and natural soundstage

New price 420 per set
Now for 195 per set (two sets available)

(if speaker is connected biwired, then best use 2 sets!)