QC-24 pre amplifier (original package & user Manual)

1070 x bekeken | geplaatst op 7 september 2018

€ 600,-


Merk Quad
Categorie Voorversterker
Type 24QC
Serienummer Q240211
Conditie Gebruikt
Bouwjaar 2013
Geplaatst op 07-09-2018


A relatively new design, the QC-24 pre amplifier is both neutral and detailed. Using a military specification 6111 valve, which is so reliable, its hard-wired to the circuit board.

Everything on this pre amplifier has been designed by valve supremo Tim DeParavicini - probably the finest valve amplifier designer in the world today, to maintain optimum signal purity. From the relay switching to the gold-plated terminals, each component has been selected specifically for its audio performance.

The chassis is painted to match all Quad Valve Amplifiers, making it a perfect partner in all systems. For the analogue purist, the combination of a good valve amplifier and a good turntable is the closest possible approach to the original recording.

Once given a few days to settle, the QC-twenty four is a likable preamp. It has a sweet, full-bodied balance that sounds even-handed and relatively detailed, and doesn’t come across as an analysis tool – rather, it’s for the listener that just wants to sit back and enjoy their music.

Listen to The Unthanks’ Here Comes the Tender and this Quad preamp bathes the sound in a golden glow that brings out the beauty in the vocals and arranges the instrumentation in a neat way. While not the last word in openness, dynamics or rhythmic precision, this preamp has enough organisation and drive to keep the listener’s attention.

Move onto something harder-hitting, such as Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 and we’d like a bit more zip to the sound and more punch, but in its own way the Quad still delivers a sound that keep our interest. There’s an appealing composure to the presentation, and enough dynamic finesse to keep things engaging.

Switch to Arvo Pärt’s Litany and the QC-twenty four shines. It sounds subtle, smooth and defines small-scale dynamic shifts well. There’s no trace of harshness here, either. It’s a really easy listen, and we mean that in the nicest way possible.