PS Audio HCA-2 Solid State

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PS Audio HCA-2 Power Amplifier
• 90% New Very Nice Cosmetic Condition
• 100% Working Condition
• Hybrid Class A rated 150W/Channel@8ohms; 225W/Channel@4ohms; 275W/Channel@2ohms
• A Built in High Current Ultimate Outlet
• Both single ended RCA and balanced XLR Input Connectors
• WBT 5-way Binding Posts
• Very Efficient (~95%) Almost no Heat Generation

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Reviews :
“Sounded like a very good solid-state amp; tight, tuneful bass, a lush midrange, and sparkling and grainless treble"

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“I was very surprised to hear it sound much like my Balanced Audio Technology VK-75SE triode power amplifier (which is several times the price I might add)….The sound is satin smooth. Warm and fuzzy…. It has the sound of a fine tube amplifier, but without all the heat, and certainly with more power. It seemed capable of driving tough speakers. I cannot recommend it more highly.”

“The HCA-2 performs like one that costs much, much more. This is a very unique component, one I predict that will be much imitated. One of the very best amplifiers I`ve heard at any price.”

Stereophile Class A "Recommended Components