VAC PHI 300.1

477 x bekeken | geplaatst op 12 december 2018

€ 5.900,-


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Categorie Eindversterker
Type Buizen eindversterker
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2009
Geplaatst op 12-12-2018


VAC in zeer goede staat. Eventueel ruilen met Nagra VPA.
150W buizenversterker. Ook te schakelen in triode (met schakelaar).
Komt met nieuwe KT88 en 6SN7.
Zie de vele lovende reviews op het net.
Nieuwprijs 23000 euro.
Dit is de Europese uitvoering met 240V spanning.
Zeer zwaar, bijna 60kg.

VAC Phi 300.1a AmplifierThe VAC Phi 300.1a Amplifier is an extremely potent amplifier guaranteed to transcend your previous ideas of reference amplifiers; majestic, commanding, totally harmonious with astounding definition and holographic imaging. It is based on a direct coupled input & driver circuit that results in the fastest, fullest, most detailed sound that have ever achieved and you are likely to ever hear. The ambience and retrieval of reverb and decay information is particularly surprising.
Using eight beam power output tubes and a low-mu octal driver, this amplifier possesses an uncanny ability to reveal every nuance in a recording, while preserve the emotion and feel necessary for a truly musical performance. In addition to finesse, it has great power, impact, control, and a low electrical noise floor. This remarkable overall character makes it suitable for use with speakers ranging from high efficiency to the most difficult and demanding.