Nordost Moonglo 2 Digi 75 Ohm RCA-RCA 1m 90 EUR (Nieuw 239 EUR)

243 x bekeken | geplaatst op 13 april 2019

€ 90,-


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Type Coax Digital RCA-RCA
Serienummer 987987
Conditie Als nieuw
Geplaatst op 13-04-2019


Nordost Moonglo 2 Coax Digital 75 Ohm RCA-RCA 1m, in uitstekende staat.

Originele verpakking heb ik helaas niet meer.

Retail prijs was: 239 EUR

"The MoonGlo digital interconnects are a unique product designed to eliminate the effects of mechanical noise and resonances found in digital signal leads. MoonGlo consists of two separate micro coaxial cables. Each coax consists of a silver plated, multi filament center conductor, covered with a layer of Teflon®. This is shielded by a dual layer of silver foil and extruded with Teflon®. The two coaxes are twisted around two cushioned filaments of Teflon® and then an outer jacket of extruded Teflon is applied. This construction is a fabulous way of eliminating timing errors, jitter and noise from the cable."