(Occ) Spectral DMA 300 RS eindversterker

1797 x bekeken | geplaatst op 20 april 2019

€ 13.900,-


Merk Spectral
Categorie Eindversterker
Type DMA 300 RS
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2017
Geplaatst op 20-04-2019


€ 30.900,00 € 13.900,00 Incl. BTW

Deze 2.5 jaar jonge eindversterker is in top conditie incl. doos en manual.

The DMA-300 RS is a high-tech showcase featuring cutting-edge component technologies from around the world. An exotic family of custom semiconductor devices and ultra-precision passive components has been developed with the assistance of some of the most advanced high-tech suppliers from the instrumentation, RF and microwave industries. In an approach similar to the DMA-400, unique high-speed transistors, exotic film capacitors, hand-calibrated resistors, high performance diodes and specialized magnetic components were all commissioned for Spectral’s DMA-300 RS. The result is a new standard for linearity and signal resolution in a stereo power amplifier. More important is the stunning natural clarity and listening involvement that results from these many advances. The DMA-300 RS reveals the true musical reality locked in fine recordings, a musical world that is absolutely compelling, immersive and more than a little addictive! The construction and component technologies of the DMA-300 Reference Standard are costly and select; they do not lend themselves to production efficiency, As a result, the DMA-300 RS will be hand-built in limited quantities similar to the DMA-400 RS monaural amplifier”.


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