Cyrus 8 vs2 integrated stereo versterker met AB

377 x bekeken | geplaatst op 6 mei 2019

€ 475,-


Merk Cyrus
Categorie Stereo versterker
Type Cyrus 8 vs. 2
Conditie Als nieuw
Bouwjaar 2009
Geplaatst op 06-05-2019


Prachtig klinkende, moderne versterker met een fantastische dynamiek, ritme en klank.

Dankzij de zware ingebouwde voeding is er ruim voldoende reserve om ook "moeilijke" speakers aan te sturen en tot hun recht te laten komen.

Dit is de versie 2 (vs2), een upgrade t.o.v. de Cyrus 8 en de 8 vs.

Inclusief afstandsbediening
Inclusief originele doos en bescherming
Inclusief originele Cyrus stekkers (4x)
Inclusief originele MC-Bus aansluitingen
Inclusief origniele handleiding
Inclusief stroomkabel

Mogelijkheid voor bi-wiring, bi-amping en/of aansluiten aparte eindversterker dankzij Pre-Out aansluiting.

Koptelefoon uitgang
7 lijn ingangen + Tape-out / monitor
Mogelijkheid voor aansluiten PSX-R
Nieuwprijs van ca. 1400,- euro.

Total harmonic distortion: 0.003 at 1kHz 8 ohms

Signal to noise ratio: 101 dBa at 40 watts

Afmetingen (HxWxD) in mm: 73x215x360

Input impedance: 50K Ohm

Frequency Response 1: 0.2Hz to 85kHz (-3dB)

Continuous Output Power: 70 Watts per Channel

Gewicht: 5.5kg

Verkoop wegens herziening van mijn setup.

Bij serieuze interesse kun je het beste even bellen.

Liefst ophalen. Verzenden is mogelijk, Kosten koper.


The Cyrus Integrated 8 vs2 amplifier is the latest development of our internationally-acclaimed Cyrus integrated amplifier family. Given a top quality source, the Cyrus Integrated 8 vs2 will paint a truly three dimensional, acoustic picture, with stunningly focused staging of acoustic images.

Over the last twenty years, Cyrus has learned to tune each element of the musical range accurately, so that today, the new Cyrus Integrated 8 vs2 is able to faithfully recreate the subtle balance between length of single notes and tonal accuracy.

The new Cyrus integrated 8 vs2 gives a precise sense of timing and rhythm, upon which much of music`s magic is based. Accurate interplay between musicians is based upon subliminal information, and capturing this information is absolutely vital to the overall success of a hi-fi system. It is this ability of Cyrus to finely balance circuitry throughout our systems that makes our components sing.

The Cyrus Integrated 8 vs2 is, we believe, a significant step forward in integrated amplifier design and will form a valuable and long-lasting cornerstone for your system. Recently Cyrus began a year long project to totally re-engineer their amplifiers, including component upgrades and the latest vs 2 preamp technology. This was an exciting project, running alongside new EU legislation relating to materials used within consumer electronics. This gave the opportunity to include many improvements in the tooling and production processes.

Soft-start electronic standby control - Silent power amp switching with no sonic degradation
Precision Volume control - Perfect channel balance at all volume levels
Digital protection circuit - Total protection from short circuits, overheating etc
Non-magnetic lightweight die-cast chassis - Interference-free low-resonance enclosure
MC-BUS™ System BUS - Integrated system control with the CYRUS Range.


Playing music on the Cyrus 8vs immediately revealed that it is a very special amplifier. The fundamentals of music-making were displayed with a clarity that enforced immediate immersion into the music. Rhythm, tempo and the temporal organization of sound into musically meaningful patterns were very well done. Punctuation of musical phrases, correct emphasis at points of arrival, call and response, the building of tension and release – in fact all the devices of musical communication were laid out clearly to perception. This adroitness at reproducing the fundamentals of music-making has been the hallmark of the UK audio industry. The Cyrus 8vs continues that most welcome and unique tradition.

Getting the fundamentals of music right is the prime determiner of audio component quality. The Cyrus 8vs adds an exceptional level of clarity, resolution, and focus to these music essentials. Its transparency and resolution extend across the musical bandwidth: I positively reveled in listening to complicated percussion work, fine cymbal work resolved without splash and hash, rhythmic patterns clearly portrayed. Similarly, bass playing was excellent in drive and control, the 8vs clearly articulating bass patterns and excelling at Linn’s famous criterion of “playing tunes in the bass.” Those fooled into believing that high-quality bass requires King Kong amplifiers with King Kong power outputs will be forced to re-wire their mental constructs after hearing the quantity and quality of the diminutive 8vs’ bass power and authority. Midrange resolution is exemplified by the Cyrus amp’s ability to decipher lyrics on some of the most poorly recorded Rock vocal tracks. I value lyric intelligibility very highly and am confounded by how rare unambiguous decoding of lyrics is, even on components with otherwise high quality and resolution.

Highly neutral amplifiers are often chameleon-like in system application. One is more likely to hear the influence of the source and the loudspeakers than the characteristics of the amp per se. I ran the Cyrus 8vs with five turntables, four phono sections, three CD players, one DVD player, four sets of interconnects, seven loudspeaker cables, and seven sets of speakers in three different rooms.

The Cyrus clearly differentiated and revealed the differences in the abilities of the CD players and the various LP set-ups without any clinical and analytic “puncture the illusion of music” tendencies.