Sony MDS-B5 Pro MiniDisc Player/ Recorder

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Sony MDS-B5 in zeer goede staat;
- AC power cord
- Operation manual

- 10 Hot Starts,10 tracks of Multi-Access hot start by using the
optional remote commander, IBM type keyboard or
parallel remote port
- RAM-TOC edit for saving master disc contents for
deciding whether to save edited recording data to a
master disc, allowing temporary editing of a pre
mastered disc
- Powerful editing feature: Nm Copy, Undo, Cue point,
Head trim, Head trim all, End trim
- Up to 148 minutes of monaural recording
- Next track selection for selecting the next track for
playback while listening to the current audio track
- Vari-speed ▒12.5%
- Headphone jack with volume control on the front panel

About SMCS;
Track mode data consist of eight bits of information
recorded in the user TOC (Table Of Contents) area on
the disc indicating such disc-related conditions as
copyright status, digital copy restrictions, disc use, and
emphasis data.
Two track mode bits, d2 and d3, which indicate
copyright status and restrictions on digital copies, are
explained below.
Track mode d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 d7 d8
d2: Copyright status
0: Copyrighted
1: Uncopyrighted
d3: Digital copy generation
0: Original
1: First-generation copy or later
When recording an input signal from the
ANALOG IN or AES/EBU connector or an
IEC958-TYPE1 digital input signal (for professional use);
The disc will be completely copy-enabled by the Serial
Copy Management System. This status is indicated by
the track mode bit values of d2=1 and d3=1.
When recording an IEC958-TYPE2 digital input
signal (for consumer use);
Three types of discs can be produced, depending on
the sub-code information include d in the input signal.
An MD which contains analog signals recorded on a
consumer MD recorder can used to make a firstgeneration
digital copy. No restrictions are placed on
digital copying of MD recordings made on
professional MD recorders, as long as the recording is
made on an MDS-B5.

Two MDS-B5 cabled together can perform high speed (4X) disc cloning,
including both audio and text, with no ATRAC generation loss.

MiniDisc digital audio system
Modulation: 8 to 14 Modulation
Digital Audio Channel: 2 channels, Mono
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
Error Correction: ACIRC
Rotation Mode: CLV (about 400 to 900 rpm)

Analog IN: XLR-3, Female
Reference level: +4 dBu (factory setting) to -12 dBu
Analog OUT: XLR-3, Male
Reference level: +4 dBu (factory setting) to -12 dBu
Max level: +24 dBu
Digital IN (AES/EB U): XLR-3, Female
Digital OUT (AES/EBU): XLR-3, Male
Digital IN (Coaxial): RCA Phono
Digital OUT (Coaxial): RCA Phono

Remote Interface;
REMOTE: D-sub 25-pin (Female), Parallel
RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin (Male), Serial
IBM type Keyboard IN: PS2 type input
Remote IN: Mini plug

Power Requirements: AC 220 to 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 30 W
Dimensions: 212 (W) x 139 (H) x 375 (D) mm
Mass: 5 kg

2e MDS-B5 ter overname voor;
Direct ATRAC Data Copying;
You can daisy chain multiple MDS-B5 decks and copy
ATRAC compressed data through the Direct
Duplication Link connectors to perform dubbing
at maximum of about four times the normal dubbing
speed. Up to ten MDS-B5 decks can be daisy chained.

Bij overname B5,optioneel leverbaar;
- Dulpication link Cable; 50,- Euro